Thursday, 29 October 2009

Injuries and the visit from the LEGEND! edited

OK I haven't blogged for a longgggg time. I've had lots of modelling shoots which have kept me away from the computer (but not from training I hasten to add...)

About a month ago I started taking some vitamins and supplements to see if they really do help in the way they say they would.
Firstly my dodgy joints....... I started to take cod liver oil capsules and glucosamine sulphate to help my knee. Whether its all in my head or not I don't know but my knee feels great after only injuring it a few weeks ago. (It doesn't even click when I bend down like it did before I even started BJJ!)

I follow the Atkins diet as I have done for years. I lost a lot of weight on it and continue the diet now to keep the weight off. The downside is that the lack of carbohydrates and sugar in my body decreases my energy levels. So I started to take vitamin B and Coenzyme Q10. The vit B didn't work at first but since I started taking the Coenzyme I can really notice the difference in how I feel and the extra energy I have, especially in my performance! (I guess we'll see if thats really true at the comp on Sunday)
On Saturday 24th October, Roger Gracie came down to Andy Roberts BJJ Academy or 'The Clinic' as its more known to us!

It was an amazing day. I usually train in the advanced class but to make it fair and to keep the classes more even anyone under a three-stripe white belt was in the beginners and any above were in the advanced. So for that Saturday I was in the beginners.
Roger took our warm-up and we drilled some take-downs.

He ran us through some side control and mount escape techniques. He demonstrated with Andy some guard drills where you can end up taking someone's back. If someone is in your guard, this involved getting hold of a grip on one of the wrists and dragging their wrist across to the other side of your body, pulling at a force to get them off balance and to a side. You would then get the underhook and scoot round behind them to take their back.

We then sparred for the second half of the class which was nice for the guys who usually take the beginners class, as they don't usually spar until the advanced.
Roger is the biggest gent and the most laid back guy I've ever met. He took the time at the end of the class to pose for photos with everyone and sign belts etc. I bought my brother a Koral blue belt for his birthday and had the following inscription embroidered into it: "Quanto mais voce suar quando praticar menos sangue perdera em combate" - Matt obviously didn't believe it said what I told him so he asked Roger to translate it from Brazilian and it was right :) *Ahem thanks bruv!* "The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in combat".

Competition this Sunday - myself, Matt (Passfield) and Dave (Woollaston) are competing in the No-Gi British Open in Walsall. Andy will be coming with us to to coach and to referee. Lots of preparation, training a bit lighter this week to avoid injury. Will update after Sunday :)


  1. Heh - I was sure the next line was going to be something like "I'm still somehow going to keep training, despite what the doctor said," so hearing that BJJ is actually medically recommended for your back was a nice surprise. ;)

  2. Tell me about it! The only time my back doesn't hurt is when I'm training. Its probably a combination with adrenalin but it just goes to show that BJJ is good for your health! :)