Monday, 10 August 2009

Latest Training News

I hadn't been to training for a while. My best friend's wedding and swine flu kept me away for a week and a half!! I was very keen to get back on the mats and I went on Friday.

The session was good. Warm-up included thirty arm-bars, thirty triangles and thirty cross-collar chokes. I was paired with Jadon, which I enjoyed. He takes the time to show me the technique thoroughly (and some cheeky deviations as well lol).

We ran through mount and side control escapes which I needed to work on. I still have a dodgy rib so I could feel the pain but felt these were techniques I did really need to concentrate on.

We spent half hour drilling guard passing and then at the end of the session we sparred. I think Andy was a little over-excited as he kicked James in the face twice on two separate spars. I like sparring because it's not just running through the techniques, we get to really practice what happens and how we go from one technique to the next.

I'm looking forward to now spending more time training as my week has opened up and left me available for more nights. I tend to vary between the beginners class and the intermediate, the only difference being the sparring at the end. I guess it depends how sore I am from the previous session! :)
(Pictures are no-gi training some weeks ago).


  1. Nice post. Be carefull with your ribs. See ya at training. Your first comment!.

  2. Lol :) Thanks Jadon! You like it because it mentions you and bigs you up?? Hehe x